Our Story

Iain and I adopted our first cat, Fish in the spring of 2016. We knew before we adopted him that we never wanted to feel like we were held back in any way by owning pets. We didn't have any family or close friends that lived near us at the time so this meant that if we wanted to go on overnight adventures and travel we would need to bring Fish with us. Much to our surprise, he loved it almost immediately. Within minutes of adopting him and getting him in the car he had his first harness on and he was ready to go. A few weeks later we set off on our first road trip with him down the west coast to California. It was a huge success. Not only was he amazingly well behaved on the trip but we found that bringing him along actually enhanced our level of enjoyment. We got to see the world through the eyes of a twelve week old kitten and it was pretty cool to see the way he just went for it despite his size.

We adopted Chips in the fall of 2016. Iain and I had sort of contemplated getting another kitten for awhile. We knew it would be easier to introduce them while Fish was still young so we didn't want to wait too long. However, we definitely hadn't come to a definitive decision on it the day we walked into our local Bosley's to get cat litter and realized they had an adoption event going on. Chips caught my eye right away and when I looked at Iain we both pretty much knew we weren't leaving the store without that kitten. It ended up being a great decision as Fish and Chips have such different personalities that really compliment each other and they get along so well.

Somewhere along the way we started our instagram account @adventuresoffishandchips. I really wasn't that familiar with the platform as I didn't have a personal account and really avoided social media whenever I could. We were hiking with Fish on a trail in Kelowna, BC when a stranger stopped us to comment on how cute our kitten was riding in the backpack. She asked us if we had an instagram account for him, to which we sort of laughingly responded no. After talking about it for a while though we decided it might actually be a good idea. I had a decent (albeit old) camera that I was taking everywhere anyways, so why not share our photos? We had no idea it would become what it is today. Our following has grown exponentially and we've had so many amazing opportunities from it. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy connecting with other members of the adventure cat community and sharing our adventures with all of our engaging and wonderful followers. So thank you to everyone who has been a part of this experience and I hope you continue to enjoy following along and watching our journey unfold!