Cat Club Series: All About Eevee

One of my all time favourite adventure cats on instagram is a little tortoiseshell named Eevee. Through the lens of her super rad cat mom/photographer, Emily you can really see the inquisitive nature of Eevee and there’s something absolutely charming about their adventures together. So when I decided it was finally time to work on my “cat club series” it was a no brainer to start with this purrfect duo. After reading the answers to the questions I had for her and viewing her stunning images, I’m sure you’ll want to see more so definitely go check them out on instagram: @whiskered_away


Can you tell me a little bit about Eevee?

Eevee will be 4 years old this July. She and her three siblings were born in a closet at a mechanics shop where my car was being worked on at the time. The owner of the shop, and a friend of ours, didn’t know what to do with them. I, of course, agreed to take them all home with the intention of finding all four of them homes. Over the next couple weeks of caring for them, giving them flea baths, and generally trying to get them used to human interaction, one kitten in particular began to stand out. She was just “kitten #3” to me at the time. Oddly, of the four kittens she was the one that I hadn’t come up with a nickname for. She was eager for attention though, and tried to get mine any chance she could. Eventually she stole my heart too. She was a bold and brave little kitten, her siblings tended to follow her lead. Her two sisters were also tortoise shell cats, her brother was the only solid black kitten. They were all adorable and sweet kittens, but Eevee was the stand out and I decided to keep her.

When did you first start adventuring with Eevee and what made you do it?

Actually, I decided to keep Eevee on the condition that she learn to walk on a leash (to be honest, I know I would have kept her regardless, but at the time this is what I told myself). When Eevee came into my life I was through and through a dog person. I’d never had good experiences with cats during my childhood. Eevee was determined to change that though. She was only 3 months old when I got a kitten harness for her. She played around with it on inside a couple times before going outside, but she took to it really quickly. Before I knew it she was exploring the backyard with confidence, and blowing my mind. I’d never considered the idea of having a cat as an outdoor companion instead of a dog. When she was about 5 months old we went on our first official hike together and she far exceeded any of my expectations. She was a natural, and seemed so happy being in the woods following a trail. We’ve been on multiple day hikes, camping trips, and even flew to New York a couple years ago!


What inspired you to start an instagram profile for her?

Her Instagram account started a few months after we started leash training. I’ve always been a photographer, and I was taking pictures of her constantly. They were starting to consume my personal Instagram account, so rather than subject my friends to nothing but cat pictures, I thought I’ve give them the option to follow our adventures if they wanted to. I had no idea it would turn into the following it is today. Back when we started in 2014 the “adventure cat” train was still in the station. I only found out about  accounts like @BurmaAdventureCat after I had started Eevee’s account. Then a few months later the Adventure Cats account and website appeared and it’s taken off like a wildfire since. I really love that we’ve been able to watch the community grow the way it has!


What kind of adventures do you enjoy together and what would you say has been your favourite experience?

My favorite adventures with Eevee are definitely camping trips. I have a camper shell on my 1988 Toyota Pickup and we’re quite cozy camping in there. I built a sleeping platform for it and it’s really just as comfortable as my bed at home. I think Eevee agrees cause she is often curled up at my pillow whenever she is ready for a nap and I put her in the camper. We frequent Cloudland Canyon State Park as it’s my favorite in Georgia, but my favorite trip with her was when we went to Edisto Beach SP and Hunting Island SP in South Carolina. It was a full week trip, with quite a lot of driving. She was happy just to be along for the ride. She’s incredibly adaptable for a cat. She knows that the truck is her safe space though, if things get a little too much for her she retreats to the camper for a nap and a safe space to relax. That trip was the first time she saw the beach, and the ocean. She seemed pretty taken with the sand, not so much the water. She even got to come with me to the top of the light house on Hunting Island!

What is your favourite thing about Eevee?

Picking just one favorite thing about Eevee is tough. She’s truly an incredible cat. Incredibly clever and quick witted, she can learn new things extremely fast. She’s a cuddle bug. She loves to chat, and will carry on a conversation for minutes at a time. (Though I have no idea what we’re talking about.) She’s trusting and puts up with so much of what I ask of her, but is also very happy to tell me what she does NOT want to do. We just exist on the same wavelength. We crave adventure the same way, and can both be perfectly satisfied by sitting on a boulder in the middle of the woods, or jumping from rock to rock across a creek.

What would be your advice to someone wanting to take their cat our for the first time?

Honestly, manage your expectations. It’s easy to see adventure cat accounts on instagram and think it’s easy, or that these cats don’t have off days because we only show the nice pictures. Eevee has plenty of off days. I’ve had to bail on hikes halfway through because she didn’t want to cooperate that day. Every cat is different, they all have different levels of what they are comfortable with. Don’t force anything. Some cats are truly not cut out for it. Keep your expectations low, and remember that even if your cat is only comfortable taking a casual stroll in the back yard instead of hiking up a mountain it’s still an incredible thing.


In your opinion, what are some of the pros and cons of adventuring with your cat?

The pros and cons of having a cat as an adventure companion depend on the way you adventure. For us, we do a lot of car camping. Cats are very compact, clean, and don’t have to be taken outside to do their business. For camping in a very small camper they’re ideal. They’re quiet, which campground neighbors appreciate. You also can bend the rules in some places where dogs aren’t allowed, though I would recommend asking first rather than sneaking. The con to having a cat as an adventure companion would be when it comes to hiking. This isn’t true of all cats, but you will end up carrying them a lot. So you have to factor in a means of carrying them AND all the other things you might need on a hiking trip. The only other con would be that cats can get fussy and decide not to cooperate at the worst times. I personally think the pros outweigh the cons for us. As someone who was previously a dog person, I think a cat better suits my lifestyle.




Thank you for reading and a huge thanks to Emily for content!

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March 22, 2018