Get to Know Fish & Chips

We love our cats probably way more than what is considered normal, which is why we also love sharing them with the world through our instagram. And since our followers have grown exponentially in the last year, we thought it would be a good time to share a little bit more about Fish and Chips and their different personalities.



We adopted Fish on April 16, 2016. He’s half bengal half unknown and came from a bit of a whoopsies litter. He had two adorable darker furred sisters but we picked him because he was the funniest little kitten of the bunch. While his sisters were curled up together on the couch he was climbing our legs and getting into mischief. He was ready to go.

We were living in Kelowna at the time but we drove to Keremeos to pick him out and then again when it came time to pick him up. It was definitely worth it. As soon as we got him in the car we had a little harness on him and he was snuggled up in my lap. Since then he has absolutely loved road trips more than anything else we’ve done.

We named him Fish because we thought it was kind of funny that we had a cat that we were going to treat like a dog.. might as well also name him Fish. He has had a plethora of nicknames though but most commonly: Bobo, Shmo, Shmu, Mr. Shmo and Goose. I wish that everyone could meet him because he has the biggest personality in the world. You look at him and you just know what he’s thinking.

Fish is also a huge mama’s boy and the snuggliest cat. He loves coming under the covers at night and will dig at them until you hold them up for him. When we’re camping he often joins us in our sleeping bags. When he’s sleepy he will do whatever it takes to find a comfy spot. He does not care about the comfort of others and will lay on top of Chips or curl up on our laps while we’re in the middle of something.

Fish is such a friendly cat which is awesome because he meets a lot of people. He has a particular fondness for children and has ventured into our neighbour’s houses on occasion to go looking for them, much to our embarrassment. He loves his humans more than anything though. Every day when we come home from work he waits on the counter by the door so as soon as we come in he can give us what we like to call “cat hugs”. He insists on us picking him up and then he puts his head right by our faces and licks us while wrapping his arms around our necks. It sounds kind of weird but it’s honestly the highlight of my day. I would hold him forever if he wasn’t also incredibly heavy! He’s around 20lbs and just super dense and muscular. Everyone who picks him up is shocked by his weight.

Although Fish is an exceptionally intelligent cat, he never learned how to use the litterbox properly. He’ll go in it (thankfully), however he doesn’t know what to do after that. He knows he’s supposed to do something with his paws but he doesn’t realize he’s supposed to bury his business so instead he just thrashes about on the side of the litterbox. And yet, he knows how to sit for treats and he can open every cupboard in our house. Which he often does when he’s searching for his favourite toy: q-tips. He also loves boxes and birds (like every cat) as well as ice cream.

Fish’s favourite place he’s been to so far would definitely have to be Utah. He loved climbing on the rocks and camping in the desert every night. He also blended in perfectly with the scenery. His favourite part of the trip however, was chasing the lizards by the campsite. He was determined to get one and spent hours stalking them but never did catch one much to his dismay.

Fish leads a pretty interesting life. He has been on overnight backpacking adventures where he slept in the tent and spent the day hiking or riding on our backpacks. He’s been on several road trips and seen one province and eight states so far. We’re hoping to one day get him to all of the provinces and states!


We adopted Chips on September 10, 2016. We had talked a little bit about getting Fish a friend while he was still young but we didn’t really plan Chips’ adoption. We had been out on our way to go hiking when we stopped at our local Bosley’s for cat litter. The Okanagan Cat Coalition was there with adoptable kittens and long story short once I saw Chips there was zero chance I was leaving without him. He also had two adorable sisters but I had my heart set on another boy and he had such a cute little face.

Chips is a much more “normal” cat. He likes to sleep all day and he’s a little standoffish but when he wants attention he can be super snuggly. He usually goes by Bean but we also call him Bean Pudge, Smol Boi and Detective Bean. He’s a chubby little guy with smaller than average legs so he’s a bit of a funny shape but he makes up for it with his beautiful green eyes and mask-and-mantle markings.

He can be a little more shy than his brother and takes a while to warm up to people but he’s also much better behaved. He likes to play but gets annoyed when Fish gets too aggressive as he’s much smaller and doesn’t really stand a chance. He prefers to play with wands or chase little bits of paper or whatever he can find (or steal). Chips also has a weird fascination with vegetables and will often steal them off of the counter just to chew on or play with but almost never eat.

Chips also really loves trees. He does this cute thing where he goes up to them and sort of wraps his arms around them like he’s hugging them. I think he wants to climb them all but sometimes doesn’t have the courage. He’s the most in his element when going on hikes in the forest. Sometimes it can be difficult to get him out though because he hates his harness and will literally run and hide when he sees us getting it out. Once he’s outside he forgets all about it but it has been a struggle to find one that works for him.

Although Chips isn’t quite as extroverted as Fish, we always love it when he chooses to bless us with his presence because he has the softest fur and makes the cutest little noises. He has this really tiny pathetic meow and he snores! When he wants attention he REALLY wants attention and will aggressively seek it out. He also gets like this when food is involved. He’s very food motivated. He even gets excited to get his nails trimmed because he knows he’ll get a treat.


I hope this has given you a little bit of insight into what Fish and Chips are like. It’s difficult to portray their different personalities through photos on instagram and we just really wish everyone could meet them. So if you see us out on the trails be sure to say hi!

March 22, 2018