We get asked a lot of the same questions on a daily basis on our instagram account. While we have no problem answering your questions and actually LOVE getting messages, we thought we would put together a little list of some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.


  1. What kind of harness do you use?
    We use two different harnesses. Both cats started out using the Petsafe Easy Walk Come With Me Kitty harness. This one is super adjustable and therefore especially good for growing kitties. Chips still uses this one as he’s got these really small legs and kind of walks like a skunk sometimes so he finds the bulkier vest type harnesses uncomfortable. We upgraded Fish to a Jump brand small dog harness. He’s quite the strong cat so we found this one was better when he would pull against the leash. I should note that if your cat tends to try to wiggle out of the harness this one isn’t the best option, Fish can get out of it no problem if he really wants to. Both harnesses were purchased at our local Bosleys but you can also buy them online. The adventurecats website sells one from Puppia that is quite similar to the Jump harness if you can’t find that exact brand.
  2. What leash do you use?
    The Petsafe Easy Walk Come With Me Kitty harness comes with a great little bungee leash that was awesome when the cats were just tiny little things. However, now that they’re older and want more freedom we’ve been using Flexi retractable dog leashes. This has made a huge difference on the trails. Now we can let them fall a little bit behind and they will run to catch up. It gives them time to sniff about but also helps keep our walks on track!
  3. How young were they when you started taking them on adventures?
    We started right away. By that I mean that we literally had a harness on Fish the second we had him in the car and were pulling out of the driveway of the house of the lovely folks we adopted him from. He was a natural from the start, took to the harness no problem and absolutely loved car rides. We took him on a road trip down to California when he was around 3-4 months old. We slept in the car and took him out on the beaches. It was an awesome experience for him and helped him to become extremely adaptable. We adopted Chips five months later. He was a lot more nervous than Fish was right off the bat but we took him out in the backpack and he soon became used to our weird family. 🙂
  4. What kind of backpack do you use to carry them in?
    We get asked this question a lot but we really don’t use anything special. When they were kittens we would sit them inside our hiking packs. Eventually they just learned to sort of balance on top and hang over our shoulders. We always make sure to stuff our packs pretty high so it’s easier to sit on. There are lots of pet backpack carriers on the market that you can try if that’s easier.
  5. What types of cats are Fish and Chips?
    Fish is half bengal half domestic shorthair. Honestly though, he acts 100% bengal. He’s a nutcase but we love him. We adopted him from a family that had a litter of three kittens. He was the craziest of the bunch and that’s what made us pick him! Chips was a rescue so we don’t know much about where he came from. He does have really short legs compared to your average cat though so maybe there’s some munchkin in there?
  6. Did you have any problems introducing Fish and Chips?
    Deciding to get a second cat was one of the best decisions we’ve made. It really helped us out when it came to Fish – he was a lot to handle at first and getting him a friend took some of the pressure off us. But it wasn’t definitely wasn’t smooth sailing in the beginning. Fish was about seven months old when we brought Chips home. He was pretty territorial at first and so we had to seclude Chips in the bathroom. We were super worried that we had made a big mistake because Fish was quite upset. It took a few days of them sniffing each other through the door and having some supervised play times before we were confident leaving them alone together. Fish can play a little rough sometimes but Chips has learned how to find the best hiding spots when he needs to! Now they’re best friends and totally inseparable!
  7. What kind of food do you feed them?
    We’ve fed them a bunch of different foods so far. They’re probably the least picky cats I’ve ever encountered so they have absolutely no problem if we change it up once in a while. We always feed dry kibble (sometimes wet food for a treat) simply because it’s easy when travelling. We considered raw but it just doesn’t fit our lifestyle. That being said, we know the importance of feeding good food. Always grain free, never any by-products and manufactured in North America. Some of the brands we use are: Petcurean, Orijen/Acana, Dr. Elsey’s, Merrick, and Weruva (just to name a few).
  8. How did you grow a following on instagram?
    This is a funny question for us because it has honestly been a bit of a fluke. We were out hiking one day with Fish when he was just a couple months old and a girl stopped us to gush over how adorable he was. She asked us if we had an instagram for him which we thought was hilarious. Once she walked away we started talking about it and realized maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea. I love taking photos anyways, why not share them with people with the hope that it inspires them to bring their kitties out! We were shocked when we reached the first thousand. We couldn’t believe that many people were interested in seeing our cats. Now a year later we’re over 25k! It’s still just crazy to us but we’re super grateful to every single one of our followers.
  9. What do you do about a litterbox when in the car, camping, etc?
    If we’re just going out for a hike we don’t worry too much about bringing a litterbox but if we’re going for the day or longer we have an extra one that we throw in the car. We’ve been doing this since day one so they’re both used to doing their business while we drive! When we’re camping we’ll bring a litterbox if possible, otherwise they just go outside.
  10. How do we travel full time?
    I always laugh out loud when I get asked this. The answer is we don’t. I’m so happy that we give off those vibes though! 😀 We both work normal jobs but we try to spend as much time outdoors with the kitties as possible.
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    August 28, 2017

    Hey! So many great answers. I’m wondering how you travel in the car? One of my little ones in particular hates the crate, but likes car rides if he’s free roaming which doesn’t seem super safe for long/solo trips. I’ve used a dog seat belt on him before that works decently, but wondering if you have any other words of wisdom!

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      August 29, 2017

      Thanks for taking the time to read our post! Unfortunately for us the only real option is free roaming because of the long road trips we take them on. A dog seat belt or crate would be much safer but the cats are just not comfortable in them for long periods of time and they often have to use the litter box while we’re driving. Sorry I can’t be more helpful on this one!

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    May 1, 2018

    Compared to a normal house cat, what additional vaccines or precautions did you have to take to ensure their safety and maintain their health?

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      May 2, 2018

      Hi Sydney, thanks for reading our post! Taking our kitties out with us means taking a few risks, just as it does for humans venturing outdoors. There’s always the possibility of them getting injured on the trails but they love it so that’s why we do it. We don’t really take too many additional precautions.. we do always travel with a stocked pet first aid kit though. Depending on where you live, flea and tick treatments might also be a good idea. Fish recently tore ligaments in his knee (he didn’t do it outside though) so he has been out of commission for awhile. For the rest of his life we’ll probably have to give him joint supplements so that he doesn’t develop arthritis and can still adventure with us in the future. So sometimes the types of precautions you take depend on your particular kitty’s needs. Hope this answered your question!

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    Beatrice Blit

    June 30, 2018

    I am really pleased with this harness after three months of daily use on my pup. It relieves pressure on her neck, spreading it out over her body instead. She doesn’t mind it at all and seems to be much more comfortable when we walk her using this harness and a leash vs our standard collar. We have bought again in a larger size as our puppy has grown, and will buy again when she’s full grown!